About Our Clinic


Our Goal

Our goal at North Cascades Lice Clinic is to educate, advise and treat families, as well as our community, who struggle with the stressful situations of head lice.

Meet The Owner

 Tammy is the founder and owner of North Cascades Lice Clinic. She is Certified in Head Lice Removal. Prior to discovering that she had a passion for helping families with head lice, she worked for over 20 years in the dental field as a dental assistant, dental instructor and CPR instructor for the dental and medical professions. To say helping and caring for people is her passion, is an understatement.

When head lice was discovered on two of her children at the same time, she did what many parents do, she freaked out! With the advice from friends, she used  toxic pesticides on her children. Of course, they didn't work and her kids were still infested with lice.  Battling the bugs was such a stressful, frustrating and overwhelming  situation for the whole family! She soon discovered that her mission in life was to help families NOT feel the stress and frustration that she had become so overwhelmed with. 

She sought out the top head lice treatment education, The Shepherd Institute, and said goodbye to her dental career.  She was personally trained by Katie Shepherd, a globally recognized lice expert. Ms. Shepherd has many years experience as a Principal Investigator in Clinical Research  and works closely conducting research with a number of universities and pharmaceuticals. Tammy continues to follow up with the most current research through continuing education.

Tammy's lice education and experience has allowed her to treat hundreds of families in Skagit, Whatcom and Island counties. Her love of teaching has been instrumental in her educational seminars and group meetings with communities, associations, school nurses and hair salons.


Tammy Ryan - Founder/Owner